Services - Executive Search - Research Structure


Panelli Motta Cabrera’s research and market know-how department is a key element to our process that is structured to systematically update our senior executive database, which currently includes approximately 100,000 prequalified candidates. This investment, added to open systems research, allows us to continually provide dynamic and appealing services to our clients.


Our qualified researchers, who are experienced in dealing with professionals, are instructed to map executive profiles by looking at the broader picture, using an in-depth analysis, and always abiding by the rules of confidentiality. As a result, we are able to produce reports that include characteristics and qualifications for each professional, based on criteria that go above and beyond the attributes specified in their curricula. Our research department also carries out preliminary analyses; each professional’s details are cross-referenced with the prerequisites specified for each selection process.


The research department is also responsible for continually updating the “top leaders in regards to human capital management,” adding their knowledge in relation to business transformation, analysis per industry and conducting studies regarding the pillars of human capital leadership:


Leadership in Innovation;

Leadership in Responsible Management for Sustainability;

Leadership in Corporate Governance;

Leadership in Developing and Retaining Talent;

Leadership in Global Business Transformation.