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Responsible transformation: preparing leaders for the future

Brazil is undeniably a player in the global market and the complexities of this market require corporate leaders that are pro-active and attuned to current and future changes. Among key challenges is creating a higher level of competencies that incorporate globalization and sustainable development in order to achieve international benchmarks.

Within this demanding context, identifying top-level executives has also become a more complex and specialized activity. Understanding a professional’s job specifications, individual profile and behavioral characteristics are no longer sufficient in identifying the right talent for a specific assignment. One must add contextual and specific variables to the mix: cultural familiarity and respect for diversity, global outlook, responsibility, milestones of achievements, and the ability to transform, among other skills.

Given its position in Executive Search services, Panelli Motta Cabrera is able to offer a broad, systematic and current vision of this market in order to identify these new leaders. In 44 years of experience, our company has selected over 3,000 executive leaders, both for management positions and to compose boards of directors, essential agents of the corporate growth seen in the recent history of Brazil’s economy.

During this period, we have successfully participated in initiatives involving family business succession, expansion of international operations, corporate structure overhaul through talent replacement, management turnaround, and modernization. In-depth understanding of the market environment has helped us to set us apart, acting in a distinct manner and with a consistent belief in establishing alliances where values are shared, enabling us to advise our clients in the selection of innovative leaders who are committed to sustainable corporate growth.

Reaffirming our entrepreneurial spirit and aiming at an ideal combination of values, skills, diversity and global outlook, Panelli Motta Cabrera welcomed a new managing partner to the firm in 2009. Silvana Bock has vast experience with management and leadership of Brazilian companies. Silvana has experience in the engineering and construction sectors, as well as with family-run businesses.


We increasingly believe that the work we carry out with clients, professionals and partners, focused on sustainability and business turnaround, effectively adds value.